Time Targeted Portfolios

When researching the role of the growth portfolio we the Time Segmented Growth Portfolio so that your clients have better downside performance during tumultuous markets. From our research, we believe in three underlying principles that seek to provide them with the predictability they desire during uncertain times.

What are the Time Targeted Growth Portfolios built to do?

Manage Downside Performance

Selling in poor markets may cause irreparable damage to a portfolio's long term performance. Knowing this, we use an investor's time target to manage downside risk while still providing long term growth prospects.

Find Intrinsic Volatility

Looking at an investor's time horizon and what history tells us about asset class performance, we are able to redefine volatility as it applies to the investor and seek to build a portfolio that reflects their intrinsic volatility.

Synchronize Income Portfolio

When we built the investor's Time Targeted Growth Portfolio, we synchronize it with their Income Portfolio so that they have a unified portfolio that is more predictable and aligned with their long term goals.

Which Time Targeted Growth Portfolio Makes Sense?

Low Volatility

This was created for investors who are more sensitive to near term market shocks either because they have a very short Income Portfolio.

Portfolio Makeup:

Higher allocation to large cap US stocks for better short-term liquidity in poor markets and commodities are added for low correlation.

4 - 7 Years

This was built for investors who can tolerate some near-term market down-turn, but still may need to take withdrawals from the portfolio.

Portfolio Makeup: 

Increased allocation to equities. Small increases in small cap stocks for better long-term returns.

8 - 13 Years

This portfolio was built for investors with Income Portfolios that are longer than eight years or for those that are still saving for their retirement.

Portfolio Makeup: 

Commodities are eliminated because of lower expected returns. Noticeable increase in small cap, value and emerging markets.

14 - 20 Years

This portfolio was created for investors that have very long income portfolios or for those that are early in the accumulation phase.

Portfolio Makeup:

Continued increases in small cap and value allocations.

20 + Years

If an investor has a very long time horizon and can tolerate higher near-term volatility, we will typically implement this portfolio.  

Portfolio Makeup:

Continued increase in small cap and value allocations as well as emerging markets.

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