What is the Asset Dedication Strategy?

The Asset Dedication Strategy was designed to match investments to each client’s financial plan. Starting with their goals, cash flow needs and time-horizon, we create a customized portfolio that seeks to provide pension-like predictable cash flows and then growth that will supplement their income in later years.

How does the Asset Dedication Strategy work?

Step 1: Secure future cash flow needs

Whether a client is saving for a down payment on their first home, preparing for their initial years of retirement, or looking to protect their principal for another cash flow need, they should have investments that can help them fulfill those needs, regardless of how the market reacts. Given this, we purchase fixed income securities to generate the specific cash flow when it’s needed most.  Learn More…

Step 2: Align growth investments with time-based goals

The market has repeatedly shown us that the longer you remain invested in equities, the greater your chance of seeing higher returns. However, most investors cannot afford to leave their equity investments in the market forever. We build growth portfolios that use game-theory algorithms that seek to improve a client’s probability of reaching a time-based goal by maximizing minimum returns. Learn More…

Step 3: Monitor and adjust the portfolio so that it lasts a lifetime

Most clients contemplate adjusting their financial plans over time, but are unsure how any changes will impact their long-term goals. Given this, we created a decision making framework and reporting system, the Critical Path, that intuitively reflects the progress an investor’s defined income portfolio and growth portfolio are making towards the goals laid out in their financial plan. It also outlines what certain adjustments will do to their probabilities of success during every rolling period dating back to the Great Depression. Click here to learn more…

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