If you are looking for a more manageable and technologically advanced way to run your practice, you are in the right place. Whether you want to utilize our portfolios for all of your clients or just one client, we can provide the solutions below for all of your accounts. 

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Account Administration Solutions

White-Labeled Client Portal

We will setup a white-labeled portal for you and your clients. In the portal, you will be able to see quarterly reports, asset allocation charts, performance reports, capital flows charts, bond analyses, projected income forecasts, unrealized gains/losses reports, realized gains/losses reports, billing statements, transactions, holdings and more.

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Daily Account Reconciliation

We will reconcile your accounts each business day and pull the account's portfolio data into the client's online portal. If you would like us to reconcile external accounts and bring them into the portal, we will provide you with a ByAllAccounts login that is linked to our systems.

Management Fee Processing

At the end of each billing cycle, we will calculate and process each client's management fee based on the billing settings you provide. 

Digital Report Delivery

At the end of each quarter, we will run the quarterly reports that you customized and electronically deliver them to your clients' portals. When we post the reports, each client will receive an email notification with a link to their client portal. 

Model Management Solutions

Model Setup and Rebalancing

We will setup your model's setting and when an account is outside of the pre-determined tolerance bands and the cost of rebalancing does not offset the value of doing so, we will rebalance the account. 

Cash Management and Bond Monitoring

Given the cash settings you define, we will monitor the cash in each account and reinvest or liquidate accordingly. We will also monitor your client's bonds each day and notify you if their is a rating change.

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