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Firm Setup

To establish the terms of a relationship between your firm and Asset Dedication, we’ll send you a digital version of our Advisor Consulting Agreement for convenient review and signing. Click here to request a copy of our Advisor Consulting Agreement.

Option 1: 

  • Client signs our Client Service Agreement. Click here to generate an agreement >>>
  • Give the client a copy of our ADV
  • Update the language in your ADV to reflect your relationship with Asset Dedication (see our sample language below).

Option 2:

  • Have language in your Client Service Agreement that gives you authorization to assign a money manager (see our sample language below).
  • Give the client a copy of our ADV
  • Update the language in your ADV to reflect your relationship with Asset Dedication (see our sample language below).

Client Service Agreement Sample Language

FIRM A will have discretionary authority on behalf of the client to select, appoint, retain and terminate sub-advisors (each a “Sub-Advisor”) to manage some or all of Client’s assets with the same authority granted to FIRM A herein, pursuant to advisory contracts between FIRM A and each Sub-Advisor. On such accounts, Sub-Advisors may charge management fees separate from those charged by Advisor and will debit fees directly from those accounts.

ADV Sample Language

Advisory Business




We have entered into a collaborative arrangement with Asset Dedication, LLC (“Asset Dedication”), an independent adviser not affiliated with FIRM A. Through this arrangement we may recommend Asset Dedication’s investment strategies and services to client, when appropriate, based on each client’s individual needs.

We will describe the investment programs and strategies available from Asset Dedication that may be most beneficial and appropriate for the client. We will recommend Asset Dedication strategies only in relation to the client’s stated investment objectives and risk tolerance. The client may or may not enter into an agreement directly with Asset Dedication, who shall provide investment management services. We will serve as the communication conduit between the client and Asset Dedication. We shall be available to answer questions that the clients may have regarding their account. Prior to the introduction of a prospective client to Asset Dedication, we collect financial and demographic information, and will assist the client in identifying their financial objectives. We will also keep the client’s financial plan current so as to meet the ongoing needs of the client. In the event that the client does not timely update their financial plan we may be required to resign the agreement. Asset Dedication periodically delivers up-to—date program descriptions for use by FIRM A. Asset Dedication will generally have discretionary authority to determine the securities to be purchased and sold for the client’s accounts managed by Asset Dedication. Asset Dedication also provides operational support to FIRM A for the efficient delivery of and reporting of portfolio management services.

Clients are advised that there may be other third-party managed programs that may be suitable to the client that may be more or less costly. No guarantees can be made that client’s financial goals or objectives will be achieved. Further, no guarantees of performance can be offered. Investments involve risk, including the possible loss of principal.

Client should obtain and read Asset Dedication’s Disclosure Brochure (ADV Part 2) for a complete description of their service, fee schedules and account minimums. A Disclosure Brochure will be provided to clients at the time an agreement for services is executed and account is established.

Fees and Compensation


Asset Dedication and FIRM A both charge an asset based fee on the accounts managed collaboratively by Asset Dedication and FIRM A. The fee charged by Asset Dedication shall not exceed an annual fee of 0.35% of the total assets managed by Asset Dedication. FIRM A may allocate a portion of the client’s fee to Asset Dedication as sub-advisor, or Asset Dedication may enter into a separate/secondary fee arrangement directly with the client when acting as sub-advisor.

The process below only applies if you want to utilize Asset Dedication’s back office services for accounts that won’t be managed by Asset Dedication.


Step 1: Account Aggregation

Once you provide us with access to view and download from your brokerage firm or custodial provider, we will begin downloading your accounts. External accounts will be provided with a ByAllAccounts login, so you may add accounts at your convenience. Should your data source be unavailable through ByAllAccounts, we will manually set them up by using your account statements.

Step 2: Household Setup

Once all accounts have begun downloading, we will send you a spreadsheet that asks for the necessary household and billing information. Within a few business days of receiving the spreadsheet, we will upload your settings and send you a final spreadsheet to review and approve.

Step 3: Performance Data Migration (Optional)

If you would like to import historical performance data, we will scope each project and migrate the information accordingly.

Step 4: Client Portal Activation (Optional)

If you would like to provide clients with online portals, we will collect the necessary client information and send the portal activation emails (see below). After we activate the client portals, we will deliver your reports and billing statements each quarter. If you want to send your clients an email before we send them the portal activation email, feel free to use our sample language below.


Pre-activation Sample Email


I recently setup a portal for you so that you can view your accounts and reports online. To activate and access your portal, please follow the steps below.

1. Look out for an email titled “Activate your client portal” from “Financial Portal Management”.

2. Follow the on-screen instructions

Once activated, your portal can be accessed by clicking here (INPUT YOUR LINK) or by going to my website and clicking the Login button in the top right-hand corner. (ADD THE LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE)

If you have any questions or don’t receive an activation email within two business days, please let me know.

Thank you,


Activation Email

Sender: Financial Portal Management <>

Subject: Activate your client portal

Client Portal Activation Email

Client Setup

Request a Proposal

Click here and complete the proposal request form. Within three business days, we will send you a proposal to review. If you have any modifications, just let us know and we will send you an updated proposal.

Request a Proposal

Prepare for your Meeting

If you don’t have the authority to assign a money manager, your client will have to sign our Client Service Agreement. To generate a Client Service Agreement for your client, just click here. If you have any questions about custodial forms, simply click here to meet with an operations team member.

Generate a Client Service Agreement

Meet with your Client

When you meet with your client, feel free to utilize the proposal and marketing materials. Once the client is comfortable moving forward, have them sign the custodial forms and Asset Dedication agreements.

Submit an Implementation Request

Once the accounts are ready to implement, simply submit an implementation request.

Submit an Implementation Request

Now relax while we:

Holistically implement the portfolio

If specified in the IPS, we will incorporate any held-away securities or securities that cannot be sold for tax or sentimental reasons into our model so that your client has a holistic and tax-sensitive portfolio. For example, if your client holds an S&P 500 index fund in their unmanaged 401K, we will proportionally reduce our allocation to US Large cap in the managed accounts.

Activate Your Client’s Portal

If you selected the portal activation option in the Investment Policy Statement, we will setup a portal for your client and send them an activation email.

Deliver Reports

We run quarterly reports to your customized specifications and electronically deliver them to your client after you approve them. Every client will receive an email notification with a link to their client portal for easy access.

Calculate Management Fees

We perform quarterly calculations to process both your management fees and ours, based on the billing settings you provided.

Reconcile the Accounts

Once an account is funded, we will reconcile that account each business day. This includes importing the account’s portfolio data to the client’s online portal. If you would like us to reconcile external accounts and bring them into the portal, we will provide you with a ByAllAccounts login that is linked to the portal.

Monitor the Cash Balances and Bond Ratings

We will monitor the cash in each account, and reinvest or liquidate according to the cash settings you have defined. We will also monitor your clients’ bonds each day and notify you should any ratings change.

Rebalance the Portfolio

We will rebalance an account when it is outside of the pre-determined tolerance bands, and the cost of rebalancing does not offset the value of doing so.

Meet with a Team Member

Fill out the form below, and you will be directed to our online meeting scheduler.