Defined-Maturity ETFs: Good Product, Bad Strategy?

logo_barronsFor retirees hoping to sleep at night, “laddering” bonds ensures that each year a batch of individual bonds will mature, providing the income needed for that year. There’s another option: defined-maturity bond ETFs, which resemble individual bonds right up to their distributions and maturity dates. But laddering with either ETFs or individual bonds brings its own set of trade-offs. Read the article here >>>

Asset Dedication’s Reaction to the Belief that Fears over Rising Rates are Overblown

In this letter to the editor of Advisor Perspectives, Asset Dedication’s Stephen J. Huxley, PHD responds to Joe Tomlinson’s article, Retirement Portfolios: Fears over Rising Rates are Overblown. In Steve’s response, he discusses some the weaknesses of the underlying assumptions Joe Tomlinson uses when talking about bond funds in rising interest rate environments. Click here to read the letter >>>